Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Gallimaufry

1. Please have a look at San Francisco gardening writer Richard Schwarzenberger's marvelous blog called In Faro's Garden at

2. Bay Area photographer Robert Fischer has posted a gallery of his scurrilous work at

3. Steven Fama's glade of theoric ornithic hermetica has given the once over to Rachel Loden’s “The Hollywood Years,” a slanguage poem from her collection Dick of the Dead, at

4. If you're old enough to remember how cool the covers of Fortune magazine used to be, you can glut yourself with them at

5. I am still waiting to see if my favorite science project at Lawrence Labs in Livermore will achieve ignition this summer as scheduled. If you have time, watch the trailer here:

6. Dodie Bellamy's latest and final contribution to SFMOMA's blog series which she calls One Final Long Tracking Shot is a beautifully written remembrance of arty things past. Let's hope she keeps her own blog well-fertilized from now on at -- it's really fabulous to read Dodie regularly on the Internet.

7. Aaron Hostatter is making swift progress at The Anglo-Saxon Narrative Project with his translation of Elene, a hagiographic epic written probably by Cynewulf in the 9th c. The story is a dramatic retelling of the legend of St. Helena, the British mother of Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome, who is reputed to have found the True Cross.

8. If you have time this weekend, check out the wonderfully atmospheric Polaroids taken by Russian film-maker Andrei Tarkovski (thanks, for example:

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