Sunday, June 13, 2010


to our brave U.S. soccer team, and especially to our fabulous goalie Tim Howard. It's true we may have tied the wicked English only because they were having a bad football day, but hey, you guys did great and who says that luck isn't a legitimate part of sports competition. Now on to Germany vs. Australia (today at 11am on Channel 7) -- Schieb mir den Fußball, Ottfried.

Of course we were delighted also to learn that Joe Biden attended the game yesterday with "several family members" (Reuters). Nice to hear that politics has been so good to you, Joe, although I frankly doubt that you had any more fun than I did in front of my 24" Viewsonic. I wish you could have found time to answer my open letter from last weekend, though, which I now fear has fallen upon deaf ears.

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