Sunday, June 27, 2010

The headprints of Cerberus

Novelist F.S. Rosa, San Francisco Labor Council member and political activist, reports the lamentable discovery of yet another entrance to Hell in our beloved city.

The three large indentations in the middle of this launching pad to Hell at 10th & Market Streets once held the cushions where Cerberus rested his various heads when off-shift. If you look closely, you will see the actual portal to Hell disguised as a porta potty over near the wall.

The site previously featured an ill-ventilated office building which housed several non-profit agencies. The poorly paid workers on at least one occasion stormed onto the 10th St. sidewalk everyday until they were forced to make the usual Deal with the Devil and end their three-week strike.

Cerberus, while vast in size in comparison to most visitors from Hell, is a non-union worker, and as we all know, non-union workers spend a lot of time in the Hell realm. Cerberus banged his head a lot, thus the dents in the pavement. The storage unit and trailer next to the porta potty house the site's non-profit paper work, since funding cuts have precluded the construction of a permanent building.

The five large pegs on the wall above the parking lot site are convenient for hanging the corpses of recalcitrant non-profit employees as a warning and example to all. Ignore the vehicles in the rear, they are the usual harbingers of our fossil-fueled slide into the burning depths of Tartarus. The path of descent is blocked only by a conveniently flimsy chain link fence, easily breached during the appropriate phase of the moon.

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