Monday, June 28, 2010

A big weekend

A really action-packed weekend, during the course of which England and the U.S. were disqualified from further World Cup participation, (as prophesied by myself last Thursday); the Boston Red Sox uncharacteristically showed up in San Francisco and won two out of three off the Giants; the sun smiled brightly upon the thousands attending the Gay Pride Parade and festival at Civic Center; and many hundreds of our good friends in Canada did their duty and were subsequently arrested at the G-20 protests in Toronto.

As to the soccer: if the U.S. had to lose the game, I am glad that Ghana won, since it is now the one remaining African team in competition. It was a fair game, and Ghana won because they played better.

Two hours later the Germans -- my favorite team -- beat the living snot out of England 4-1. A score like that is a real humiliation in World Cup matches, and watching England getting the guacamole beat out of them is a justifiable pleasure, given their habitual arrogance about their abilities, as articulated endlessly in the British press. They will probably fire their Italian coach soon, but whining over the defeat will probably continue all week.

Argentina meanwhile is really on a roll, and the quarter-final against Germany on July 3rd should be fairly hair-raising. All bets are off in a situation like this.

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