Saturday, February 20, 2010

John Keats in Baghdad

Netflix coughed up a truly odd combination of films this week, both by women directors: Bright Star, and The Hurt Locker. While the former was boring, unconvincing, miscast, and simply dull, the second was brilliantly cast, informative, continuously exciting, and one of the most dramatically innovative films I've seen -- an instant classic. It kept you hanging on the edge of your over-stuffed sofa from beginning to end and wouldn't let go for a moment. My only wish would have been to see a copy of John Keats' letters hanging from the back pocket of one of the explosives technicians.

Still, I imagine Avatar 3-D will get best picture next month, since Hollywood normally rewards filmmakers who produce the most revenue for the industry. Avatar probably also deserves it: despite the dumb-ass script, the cinematic technologies employed are nothing short of transformative. It's a shame they can't give out two best-picture awards this year.


  1. jim, this is worth reading in light of your take:


  2. When they gave Best Picture to "Crash" instead of "Brokeback Mountain" a couple years ago, you just knew the whole thing had to be a shuck. On the other hand, the Academy Awards are hardly worse than the Nobel Prize awards -- especially the Nobel Literature prize, which easily qualifies as the worst of them all. It ought to be re-named The Golden Eggplant Award for Crap Writing.