Monday, September 7, 2009

Ecobuddhist prayer by the Sakya Trizin Rinpoche

When I pray one-pointedly, with fervent faith and devotion,
To the master Padmakara, to Padmapani, venerable Tara
and other deities
In whom the Three Precious Jewels are all gathered,
I beseech you to direct your enlightened intention compassionately toward us
From the invisible expanse of reality!

All aeons of time that are illustrious in lifespan and merits
are destroyed
By ill-intentioned thoughts and deeds, and by evil barbarity.
Will you not therefore direct your enlightened intention
Toward living beings who, lacking positive opportunities,
Commit an enormous mass of degenerate actions, embodying the five degradations?

The poison of global warming due to the actions of machines in all places and times
Is causing the existing snow mountains to melt,
And the oceans will consequently bring the world within reach
of the aeon’s end.
Grant your blessings that it may be protected from these conditions!

In brief, dependent on strong desire and craving,
This world generated by ordinary past actions
Is beginning to be swiftly transformed into a desert.
Grant your blessings that the negative past actions which are responsible
Might cease, right where they are!

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