Sunday, September 27, 2009


Entrances to Hell in San Francisco, #176.

This fabled entrance to the Kingdom of Ashtaroth is found at the corner of Eddy and Gough Streets. The double-strength reinforcement and the use of iron columns indicates the critical importance of preventing a re-emergence of Prince Ashtaroth from his unholy domain. The foul demon of the First Hierarchy was last seen entering our city in 1995, and his appearance resulted in the immediate destruction by fire of a Lutheran church that had stood on the present site for almost a century.
At nights the acrid smell of sulphur is clearly remarked, and glowing embers of orange fire can be seen flickering faintly through the cracks of the protection walls.

[With thanks to J.H. Irvine, E2Hell U.K.]

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  1. And I thought the entrace to Hell was the civic Center Bart station. Just shows you how offbase a person can be..