Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A willing servitude

It's true I suppose that blog writing has been gradually going out of fashion. I suppose also that we are all owned in one way or another by Google, a willing servitude in my case since I have been making use of their Blogger product free of charge for a few years now.

Last Fall however Google "monetized" my blog by inserting ads into it, without any warning or endorsement from me, which in no case would have been forthcoming since for starters I'd not buy any of the ridiculous junk they were advertising.

Unwilling to yield to corporate fascism as I've been compelled in so many other areas of my life, and not knowing what else to do about it, I simply stopped writing. I left the blog intact, because I get about a hundred hits a day whether I write or not, mostly Googlers I suppose who are searching the topics I've written about. And I do still receive comments, one from a woman in Stockholm who had never been to San Francisco but had seen the movie Vertigo and enjoyed my post about it.

Now I notice that the ads have disappeared
Google must have thought I died or somethingso I am going to start blogging again, and we'll see what happens next.


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