Saturday, May 19, 2012

You be the judge

Good fun is to be had at, where you can compete with British judges in determining the proper judgement for miscreants who have been convicted and are now up for sentencing.

As a proper medievalist, my habitual sentence for most of them would be something along the lines of toss-'em -in-the-dungeon-and-throw-away-the key, but a couple of the cases proved me a real softy, bestowing justice more leniently than the actual judges.

What surprised me that if the evil-doer says I'm sowwy, the sentence is apparently automatically mitigated--fat chance that would have in this country.

It helps to know that misdemeanors are tried in magistrates' court, and more serious matters in Crown Court, which is robed. The modern judge's costume looks ridiculously unattractive compared with the scarlet robes, white ermine cuffs, buckle shoes and long wigs which His Lordship wore in times gone by. If you're going to make a theater out of the trial system, why not really go for it.


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