Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thunder from Beneath

I cast my New Year's hexagram in the I Ching for 2012 and received #16, Yü, Enthusiasm. The commentary in the edition that I like to use seems remarkably auspicious:

There is a rhythmic force, a world music, that lives deep in the Unconscious of each of us. It's a primitive drumbeat, a shaking rattle, a tribal chant that invokes the primal self to rise up and join the dance. This is the enthusiasm that is generated now. Not rhetorical persuasion, not a play on the emotions, but a charismatic, irresistible Call of the Wild. Confucius said that the person who could comprehend this could 'rule the world as though it were spinning in his hand.' This is a time for instinct, not intellect—the Thunder from Beneath.

In order to receive the bespoken Call of the Wild I shall need to spend less time at the computer next year, which I happily make my New Year’s resolution. 


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