Thursday, December 15, 2011


Gregory Crewdson: Untitled, 2001.

Gregory Crewdson's photographs are, as someone said, not so much taken as made, and many show people when they are most vulnerable and exposed, when life suddenly stops moving and a subject becomes frozen in self-reflection.

Never more so than in the picture above. After the initial flash of S-E-X quickly subsides, one sees a woman totally lost in thought in front of a reflecting mirror: something demands that a position be taken, a question resolved, while time itself careens to a sudden stop.

Of course we've all been there in one way or another, naked and exposed to the world around us, having no idea what to do next. That's the appeal of the picture: we've all been there and understand the situation exactly, even if we don't know what the woman is thinking.

What she's thinking may have to do with the naked guy on her bed: you can see him if you click on the photo and look at the right-hand panel in the mirror.

Gregory Crewdson's fascinating photographs are everywhere on the Internet; one can start by looking at his Wiki or else do a Google Images search.


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