Sunday, May 29, 2011

True confessions

Yesterday I ate a whole
bowl full of fresh strawberries
with whipped cream and Splenda.

Recently I bought some
plastic boxes at Walmart
to store things
underneath my bed, but
now they are covered
with dust and hairballs and
I'm afraid to open them.

My apartment is crowded with
books I don't have the strength
of mind to throw away.
I  seem to have permanently
postponed cleaning out
the refrigerator.

Two weeks ago I woke up
with a hard-on. I am incapable
of getting up without coffee.
I didn't take time to donate
money to the tsunami
victims in Japan.

In February I fell down
and sprained my knee
in the S.F. State parking
facility. I was wearing my
sunglasses indoors, which
was incredibly stupid.

The skin on my legs
is flaky sometimes, and there
is a fungus growing in one of
my toenails. Dogs have growled
when I walked past.

I should have
been nicer to my Mom
before she died. I didn't
feel badly when Dylan
went electric.

I think Paul Krugman is
right about practically everything,
but I am only faking because
my understanding of Keynes
is not really adequate.

I have repeatedly profaned
the Sabbath. I don't regret
being a hippie in the 60's.
Sometimes I only pretend
to listen to people.

I like Lady Gaga.


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