Monday, March 21, 2011

A prayer of Henry the Sixth


Copy of a paper in the hand-writing of Dr. Harbin, librarian to 1st and 2nd Viscounts Weymouth: "In an old MS. Missal printed (sic) * in 8vo., in the reign of K. Henri VIII., p. 48. are two Latin Short Prayers made by K. Henri VI. as is affirmed in an index to the said book, p. l55,o. at ye end of y° said Missal. (Notes and queries, Oxford Univ Press, June 1856).

Domine Jesu Christe, qui me creasti, redemisti et praeordinasti ad hoc, quod sum, tu scis quid de me facere vis: fac de me secundum voluntatem tuam cum misericordia.

Lord Jesus Christ, you have created me, redeemed me and destined me to that which now I am. You know what you will do with me: do with me then according to your will and your mercy.

The choral setting is by Henry Ley, Precentor at Eton College 1926-1945.

thanks: paul ellison