Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pissoirs of Berlin: A palatial amplitude at Schlesisches Tor

Forsaking the octagonal shape of the classical Berlin pissoir—the so-called Café Achteck which we have discussed in an earlier post—we now come to an alternate model that combines elegance with magnificent proportions, constructed to accommodate if necessary an entire football team of happy urinators. It is built of the same charming cucumber-green cast-iron plates as the traditional Berlin model, now reimagined in a rectangular configuration.

The particular example of engineering excellence you see above has an especially delightful acoustic feature. Due to its location near Schlesisches Tor ("Silesian Gate"), you can relieve yourself to a thunderous accompaniment as the U-3 overhead hurtles into the train station just a few more meters down the line. 


thanks: unknown flickr user