Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Gallimaufry


1. The big flash this week was the posting of some wonderful early small press publications produced by Leslie Scalapino and presented on Ron Silliman's Blog.

2. Equally exciting was the discovery of three new poems by Kevin Killian at onedit, a terrific online poetry magazine such as I wish there were many more of.

3. Meanwhile Aaron Hostetter is making good progress with his ongoing translation of the Anglo-Saxon narrative of Elene, a  retelling of the legend of St. Helena, the British mother of Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome, who is reputed to have found the True Cross.

4. David Mitchell's hurricane-force rant on the foibles of British railways this week I thought was priceless.

5. And I appreciated also the unexpected re-emergence of Theodoric, Medieval Barber of York on hulu tv. Hunchback John Belushi has the best line in the whole sketch. 


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