Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Look at 4 complete books by Leslie Scalapino!

What a joy it was to discover four small press classics by Leslie Scalapino currently up for download on Silliman's Blog (relayed apparently by the Electronic Poetry Center). All I can really do here is urge folks to absorb them into their hard drives before they quickly recede into the murky depths of Ron's archives.

A couple of them I recognized at once from yesteryear, including O and the incomparable This eating and walking, but two others I'd never seen before. Due to the marvelous artwork, I suppose they wouldn't have lasted five minutes on the funky and hopeless cluttered shelves of Moe's community small press shelves on Telegraph Avenue, such as they were in those days.

Viewing these treasures I can't help but wonder that it would take decades (and unhappily her early, recent demise) for Leslie's work to suddenly flower forth on the Internet. And I can't help but wonder why current small press publishers don't make their own mudpies similarly available for all to enjoy.


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