Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gut gespielt!

Good to see Germany in such great shape today, even as they steam-rolled over Australia on their path to the Cup. Their attack formations were exciting to watch, and of course they controlled the ball totally during the second half, depriving us of the opportunity of evaluating the performance of the new German goalie, who really had little to do except file his nails.

Australia's midfield defense was as good as non-existent. It's not the one-sided kind of game one likes to observe, but it showed us soccer fiends what the Germans can do this year, and what future series competitors are going to have to deal with.

Thank God they found some good tv commentators (British, of course) after the terrible American ones yesterday, and how nice to see Klinsi (Germany's star player from the 1990's, Jürgen Klinsmann) offering some insightful comments that were clearly over the heads of the sports journalists.

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