Monday, May 17, 2010

Things Which Boston Has That San Francisco Doesn't

1.   Dunkin' Donuts,* ubiquitously.
2.   Durgin Park Restaurant.
3.   Windows with small rectangular panes of glass embedded within them.
4.   Red-brick buildings.
5.   Elm trees (Ulmus Americanus), of which there are very few left on Boston Common.
6.   Tons of college students.
7.   Charles River.
8.   Boston Public Library.
9.   Symphony Hall.
10. Jordan Hall.

*   Dunkin's Donuts are of course named after St. Dunkin of Duffnott, a corpulent Irish monk of the early tenth century who discovered that by placing a hole in the center of a pile of honey oat cakes, they could be neatly stacked. St. Dunkin is remembered also for a highly sophisticated argument for the existence of God which states that if fresh donuts and coffee exist, how could God not exist?

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