Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ten Reasons to Like Sarah Palin and the Tea Bag Party

1. She is like a character out of a 1940's cartoon strip taking on human form. Interpretations may vary: to me she seems a cross between Goofy in the old Disney films and Olive Oyl masquerading as Popeye the Sailor.

2. Her absurdist politics provide such welcome comic relief from the rest of the political establishment, whose activities succeed only in engendering one insufferable headache for virtually everybody in the entire nation.

3. Leaders of the Tea Bag party evidently like to dress up in American Revolutionary costumes. What a terrific idea. If only our Senators could be persuaded to dress up in tights and gowns and wear floral headwreaths, then Congress could become an ongoing Renaissance Faire and taxpayers could (fer chrissakes) enjoy some decent entertainment for a change.

4. For everytime you see Sarah Palin you undress her mentally and wonder how gorgeous she must have looked 20 years ago, and if she's still getting any, and if she shaves her pubic hair.

5. For she wears red a lot, apparently to attract attention. I can sympathize with that. I myself wear black all the time, so I can blend in the with shadows and hope that no one will notice me.

6. For she wears funny-looking eye-glasses, like the Germans do.

7. For she can fly and swoop down from the sky in an instant like a graceful, rubescent hawk, and terminate the life of a cowardly moose in exercise of her 2nd Amendment rights, using any one of a number of NRA-approved and endorsed weapons of destruction.

8. For she doesn't want to punish gay people, as long as they don't pull any shit and try to get married.

9. For she presents no real danger to progressive politics. Clearly she can only divide the Republican Party further, since Big Money is obviously not going to support someone as unpredictably lunatic as she is.

9. For she is incomprehensible and arrives totally unexpected, like a basket of prunes discovered in the waiting room of a dentist's office, or the scent of gunpowder at a meeting of Quakers.

10. For she walks on the same path to liberation, albeit more noisily than the rest of us, and will therefore one day achieve annutara-samyak-sam-bodhai -- unexcelled complete perfect Enlightenment. Or as Jack Kerouac put it, she is equally to be loved, equally a coming Buddha.

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