Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Hitchhiking Scenario

A couple years later I was thumbing my way from back East somewhere, and I got picked up by an extremely animated and good-spirited group of Jesus-freaks. I had drawn a secret Tibetan mantra on the highway with a piece of chalk to ensure a swift response. En route I enjoyed a pot vision of how the Great Salt Lake must have appeared in the Late Jurassic.


I drew an OM sign on the highway outside
Salt Lake City with rocks and pebbles
gathered at the side of the road.
A pair of Jesus freaks stopped at once
in an ancient Chevrolet. We rode
across the hot Utah wasteland. Suddenly
the land was transformed in time to some
pre-historic age—I saw the desert
change to green forests, with giant ferns
and tall grass-like plants. At the edge
of vast clear lakes, ponderous dinosaurs
and mammoths moved among titanic reptiles,
gigantean black-winged birds hovered
almost motionless in the sky. It seemed
almost that I was alive on the planet
before humankind existed. Singing hymns
and stopping frequently to pray to Jesus,
we drove through Nevada to Donner Pass,
crossing the Bay Bridge into San Francisco
at four in the morning.

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