Monday, January 25, 2010

GeneSys, by Stephen Cullis

Stephen Cullis is an accomplished singer-writer who lives in Hastings, East Sussex. He has written much poetry and various textual interventions, such as GeneSys, presented here.

To enjoy some of Stephen's music, please visit his
MySpace page. To read my mini-interview with Stephen about the genesis of GeneSys, carry on below.

The Book of Genesis has been around for 2000 years or up to now more and seems to have satisfied everyone's expectations for a creation myth. Which dissatisfactions have inspired you to create a re-write?

I always thought that the Egyptian myths should have had a bigger look-in with the earliest semi-official accounts of how we got here, what we are doing and what we should do about it etc so I wanted to revamp the Genesis account as it were by the inclusion of forgotten and erased architects, then in the process of doing that I thought why not bring in elements of the human myth of current times, murder, mayhem, Indy 500 car racing, child murder, the human genome project ( a religious subject like no other and one of great contention in many parts of the world still under the subjugation of The Book). The book should talk and argue with itself as it constantly struggles for shape, collapsing and resurging. I also wanted to try and see what it would look like if the editorial process of Genesis was allowed to run concurrent with the writing of the text - again everything inside the creative process of a religious text - staying right there in the text - no voice edited out. It would be interesting to look at the Gospels in the same way although in their case under the auspices of the Nag Hammadi corpus the possibilities have already been sketched out. Not to look at the Genesis account as finished but heretically speaking an evolving being subject to Darwinian textual evolutionary process.
The newly accelerated version was to part of a 'text-interference' remodeling of the architecture of the Old Testament, but I thought that I had done enough - at least to demonstrate that by rendering a code less 'readable' by text interference it paradoxically becomes more legible as the white noise of our current times. Genesys is now both book for all times and right now simultaneously and simultopographically.

A technical question favoring US readers: can you tell us what Clinton's is?

CLINTONS is the name of a card and tat shop chain... a bit like Hallmark. I saw the poster in the window of aforementioned shop... it was advertising YODA dolls... and they had deliberately yoda-ised the phrase from... I am only (available) in Clintons to ONLY IN CLINTONS I AM... it struck me that this was a suitable interference code... like a proclamation of divinity and exclusivity thundered out from the lips of a creator being.

What projects are you working on these days, and how are you otherwise occupied?

The projects I am working come under three areas, Music, Language Study and Writing (Text Interference), I am currently recording a CD of my music, the roughs are down but there is still a way to go on that in terms of some other instrumentation and final fluffing up. These music projects tend to take a bit longer when there is only one guy in the band (at least no split ups due to 'musical differences though) but I am hoping to have a finished project by March. I will upload the EP which is called 'Buffalo' and sell it or give it away at gigs I will playing in and around the south east of my country in the Spring of this year.
Language Study, I am trying to master Japanese and it's a long journey. Currently brushing up my Kanji (Chinese Character) recognitions skills with the goal this year of taking an exam and with any luck and sweat passing it. From there, i will probably get further into reading Japanese Literature in the original and try and tackle some pre-war stuff.
Writing. After quite a long hiatus I have got back into text interference work with some adjustments to earlier methodology. I have been focusing on the Iraq War and related subjects (with the notable exception of Genesys) but I feel I have kind of finished with that for the time being and a new project is on the workbench, the collection for 2010 is titled PLUSMINUS....and will be about more general philosophical and ethical themes, either a suicide manual or a healthier living handbook for 21st Century. I haven't decided or decoded yet, but of course I will be publishing wherever I can which is quite difficult in the interesting times we find ourselves. I think that the main reason for that is that what I am doing doesn't easily sit on many editorial laps. Perhaps one day all text will be interfered. I live in (hope).
Apart from the above I have a day job in a foreign government agency based in the UK... I cannot confirm or deny etc... you know the score.

To see more notes and comments by Stephen please go here.

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