Sunday, December 20, 2009


Back in San Francisco after two weeks of house-sitting for a friend in El Sobrante. Unfortunately my AT&T DSL line has been down for the past ten days, making it all but impossible to post blog entries. Right on time last Wednesday morning I turned in my brilliant research paper on the Roman invasions of Germania Magna during the reign of Caesar Augustus, in which I discussed recent archaeological discoveries in Haltern, Waldgirmes and Kalkriese.
On December 16th we had a book launch for Lew Ellingham's The Birds and Other Poems at the Canessa Gallery in North Beach. We had 40-50 people attending, and sold 22 copies of the book, making the event a great success. Even the paintings on the walls were interesting.

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  1. I have no doubt that your paper is brilliant and I look forward to discussing it with you when you have time. Us "elder folk" should stay in touch - finding a like minded classical scholar is a rare gift and not one to be thrown away.