Saturday, August 29, 2009

Symposium concluded

Second day of the Symposium, today's subject being The Future of Soto Zen Buddhism in America. There being such a large number of people from SFZC there, the discussion was diverted to almost any subject imaginable except the designated topic, but it was often interesting nonetheless.
Had a quite remarkable encounter in the elevator with Huitso-roshi (Suzuki-roshi's son, now head teacher at Ehei-ji), who seemed delighted to learn that I had practiced with Sassagawa-roshi at Tenryu-ji (in Matsuoka). When I mentioned that I taught for a year at Fukui University, he bowed deeply and thanked me for coming to "help out" in Japan, a very Japanese form of courtesy.
Also had solid conversations with Mel Weitsman and Gil Fronsdal, which pleased me.

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