Monday, August 17, 2009

A very good summer

The passing summer has been rich with accomplishments. My small press, Ithuriel's Spear, has produced two new books of poems by Lew Ellingham and Michael Calvello, both fine San Francisco writers. This makes a total of four titles published so far this year -- quite an accomplishment, given our relentless lack of resources.
Stoked by my participation at the Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo last May, I prosecuted my summer reading list with exceptional vigor, polishing off a half-dozen lengthy volumes pursuant to my Carolingian interests by Rosamund McKittrick, Timothy Reuter and Eric Goldberg. I also undertook a careful reading of the Royal Frankish Annals, and the Annals of Nithard and Annals of Fulda.
I finished a couple household repairs I'd been fussing with, got in several hours of meditation at SF Zen Center, and even reduced my physical presence in the universe by about 20 lbs -- thank you Dr Atkins, friend and mentor of the circumferentially-challenged. If I can discard 15 more pounds, I shall no longer be overweight, according to official guidelines of the U.S. Department of Celestial Harmony, Bureau of Fat Persons.

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